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Lift H10 in Blantyre Tower broken; RBK&C TMO silent

Estate Management

Lift H10 in Blantyre has now been out of service for over three weeks. Despite repeated requests from WERA, the TMO remains silent as to the reason why, or as to when the lift is likely to be back in service.

WERA Committee members reported problems with lift H10 to the TMO the week commencing the 10th of September. The lift then failed completely some time during the week. It is understood that the lift maintenance contractor did eventually attend at the time (on the 19th of September!) but the lift remains out of service and there don't appear to have been any further visits by the contractor since.

WERA Committee members asked the TMO to place notices on the RA's noticeboard in the ground floor lift lobby and provide residents with meaningful information as to the nature of the problem and when it was likely to be resolved. After much chasing a notice was finally posted on Friday, 26th of September. Unfortunately it contains no meaningful information and gives no indication whatsoever as to the nature of the problem or when it is likely to be fixed.

The adjacent lift then failed on Monday, 29th of July and remained out of service for a short period of time. Blantyre Tower, a 19-story tower block containing 65 flats, was then without a lift. Many residents would have been effectively trapped in their homes for the duration.

The Committee had previously emailed Mr. Anthony Cheney, the TMO's contract manager for lift maintenance, on the 5th of September requesting that action be taken to address the poor state of the estate's lifts following a number of lengthy outages lift across the estate earlier in the year. Mr. Cheney has yet to respond.

The matter has now been brought to the attention of all of the other TMO staff working in the Blantyre Centre responsible for the estate, Mr. Cheney's superiors, the TMO Executive Team including CEO Robert Black, and our Ward Councillors. We expect them to act to remedy the situation as a matter of urgency.

WERA considers the current situation completely unacceptable; and indicative of a complete failure on the part of both the TMO and the recently appointed lift maintenance contractor to provide a decent service to the estate's residents.

UPDATE (30/09/2014 16:30h): Mr. Cheney at the TMO has finally responded to WERA's emails and indicated that lift H10 will be the subject of significant repair works by the lift maintenance contractor on the 1st of October and is then expected to be back in service. WERA hopes this will indeed prove to be the case. Further updates will follow.

UPDATE (02/10/2014 11:00h): Despite the TMO's assurances lift H10 in Blantyre Tower remains out of service. WERA have asked the TMO for an update. They have yet to respond.

UPDATE (02/10/2014 18:00h): Lift H10 is finally back in service. In case there is any doubt as to why both residents and the Residents Association are less than impressed: yes, the lift required a major repair, and yes, parts had to be ordered. But this does not excuse the TMO from keeping residents informed as to what had happened and when the issue was likely to be resolved. Residents were not solely upset that the lift was out of service. Lifts go out of service on a regular basis on World's End. Residents were upset by the TMO's complete inability to keep anyone informed. You'd never think there was a large TMO office on the estate!

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