about the website

The World's End Estate

what's this website?

This is the website of the World's End Estate. The website has existed, in some form, since 2003.

what's it for?

The website is intended to keep residents informed of what's happening in their neighbourhood - the World's End Estate - and provide a virtual public home for the estate's residents' association (WERA). The website may also occasionally contain information of use to visitors to the estate (no promises).

who created it?

The website was originally created as part of the estate's right-to-manage bid and owned and managed by the World's End Management Organisation (WEMO), an Industrial and Provident Society created by the estate's residents to take over the day-to-day management of the estate from the Council and Kensington and Chelsea TMO.

When the right-to-manage bid failed in 2005 (thank you Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea!) and WEMO was wound down the website was "adopted" by the World's End Residents Association (WERA), the estate's residents' association which had originally created WEMO. WERA has been managing the website ever since.

who looks after it?

The website administrator. You can email the administrator at: webadmin@worlds-end.org.uk.

it looks like a news site ...

It is a news site. It is intended to serve as a news site for the estate's residents (amongst other things).

... and if I have some news?

If you have a bit of "news" you think the estate's residents might be interested in simply email the "news" to the "newsdesk" at newsdesk@worlds-end.org.uk. The news will be posted on the front page of the site (the "news bit") if it is relevant to the estate and/or the estate's residents at zero cost to you (i.e. for free).

what about advertising?

We don't do advertising. Sorry.

i have lots more questions

Contact the website administrator by email at: webadmin@worlds-end.org.uk with any other questions/queries.