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Bring a problem or issue to the attention of the World's End Residents Association (WERA).
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about wera

WERA is the World's End Residents Association.

WERA was set up by the residents of the estate to represent the views and interests of all residents when dealing with the Council, its agents and their contractors, and ensure that residents are regularly and properly consulted on what is happening on the estate. WERA tries to foster a wider sense of community and cooperation amongst all of the estate's residents and aims to ensure that all of the estate's varied communities are properly represented and are able to participate in its activities.

Any legal resident aged 16 or over can become a member of WERA by applying for membership to the Committee of the Association. Membership can be applied for or renewed at any WERA Public Meeting or at the WERA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

WERA has a Management Committee of residents who meet several times a year to discuss matters of interest to all residents of the World's End Estate. The Committee aims to improve the estate and make it a better place in which to live. Any WERA member can become a member of the Committee by being nominated and elected at the WERA AGM. The Committee also plans and holds regular Public Meetings to try and keep all residents informed about what is happening in and around the estate.

If you would like to find out more, or have any issues or concerns you'd like to bring to the attention of WERA, please contact the Committee using the contact details below.

about the committee

The current Committee of the World's End Residents Association was elected at the last Annual General Meeting, which was held on Tuesday 12th of February 2019 at 7.30pm in the WERA Clubroom, 16 Blantyre Street. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting (and other meetings) are available for download from the WERA Minutes Page.

The residents elected to the Committee at the last AGM were the Committee's Chairperson Eryl Humphrey Jones and sixteen Committee members: Nazar Annayer, Aslam Ashraf, Monica Boholst, Maggie Byrne, Kai Choudhury, Caroline Fairchild, Patti Fordyce, Margaret Grayling, Nabila Khadr, Jan Ole Kiso, Aktharun Islam, Zabed Islam, Joanna McDermott, Julian Perlaza, Robert Taylor, and Cathrin Vowinckel.

The posts of Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer are currently vacant. There are two co-optees - Ali Ahmed and Jules Montero. Both are former residents of the estate who had previously served as elected Committee members and still have strong ties to the estate.

what we do

The Committee meets several times a year to discuss matters of relevance to the estate's residents and the estate. The meetings are regularly attended by Council staff, Ward Councillors and other third parties.

The Committee forms sub-committees or sub-groups when required. These are composed of Committee members, other residents and relevant third parties. They meet seperately from the main Committee as often as necessary and report back to the main Committee as required.

The Committee responds to all formal consultation on behalf of the estate's residents. This includes Planning Notices from the Council's Planning Department and Section 20 Notices from the landlord.

Committee members represent the Association at relevant meetings of the Council, Police and other bodies. This currently includes the Council's Tenants Consultative Committee (TCC), a number of Council-led consultation panels and sub-committees, and the Police's "Safer Neighbourhoods" Chelsea Riverside Ward Panel.

contacting wera

The Association can be contacted by any of the following methods:

In writing at: World's End Residents Association, WERA Clubroom, 16 Blantyre Street, World's End Estate, London SW10 0DS.

By phone on: 020 7795 3095 (answer machine, please leave a message).

By email at:

The website administrator can be contacted on:

getting involved

All residents are encouraged to participate in the Association's activities.

You can do so by joining the Association and becoming a member. Or if you are already a member, or have been a member in the past, by renewing your membership. Just ask to join or renew your membership at any of the Association's Public Meetings or at the Annual General Meeting. Should you wish to join the Association as soon as practically possible please contact the Committee using the contact details listed above. Your membership counts.

As a member, please consider standing for election to the Committee of the Association. At every WERA Annual General Meeting all Committee members are required to stand down and be nominated and stand for (re-)election. As a member you too can stand for election to the Committee. As a member of the Committee you will be able to attend, speak and vote at all meetings of the Committee.

If you are unable to participate directly in the Committee then feel free to attend Committee meetings as often as you'd like. Any member of the Association can attend the meetings of the Committee, observe and give their opinions on the matters at hand, which will always be welcome. The date and time of the next Committee meeting is always listed on the front page of the website. If you are interested in a specific issue you may be able to sit on the relevant sub-committee, if one exists.

Finally, we always welcome your input. Feel free to contact the Committee at any time to bring your opinions, views or concerns on any issue of relevance to our attention.

documents and downloads

The Constitution of the World's End Residents Association is available for download:

All members, prospective members and residents are encouraged to read and understand the Constitution. It guides and directs the behaviour of the Association, its Committee and membership.

The Association's Annual Reports are also available for download:

As are the minutes of the Committee's regular meetings (from the WERA Minutes page).

And copies of the Association's Newsletters:

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. Get the Acrobat Reader.