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The TMO is currently carrying out large-scale electrical rewiring to Council tenanted properties on the World's End Estate as part of its ongoing program of Decent Homes works. The nature of the works, and the manner in which they are being carried out, is leading to growing concerns amongst both residents and the Residents Association.

The works commenced in late September with little prior consultation with tenants or the Residents Association. The TMO eventually held a drop-in at short notice in the WERA Clubroom on the 3rd of October, by which time work to some properties on the estate had already begun.

The Residents Association is concerned at the manner in which the works are being carried out, the quality of the information being provided to residents and the manner in which residents are being "instructed" to permit the works to proceed.

The Residents Association has queried the use of surface mounted conduit, sockets and switches.

The Residents Association has serious doubts as to whether the works are in fact necessary in many properties and has therefore requested access to the electrical testing post-inspection reports to confirm that this is indeed the case. This has yet to be provided by the TMO.

The Residents Association has also requested that a copy of the specification of the works be made available to residents.

In response to these concerns the TMO have stated that no electrical works will be carried out in any properties without prior testing of the existing electrical installation and it is found to be faulty; that surface mounted conduit, sockets and switches will only be used with the tenant's agreement and where absolutely necessary; and that in cases where the new wiring can be embedded in the walls that tenants will be permitted to choose between the use of surface mounted conduit and embedding the new wiring.

If you have been told that your flat needs to be rewired but believe that your flat has not been tested, believe that the works are unnecessary, are unhappy with the works proposed or have any concerns whatsover about the works please feel free to contact the Residents Association.

You can write to the Association at WERA, WERA Clubroom, 16 Blantyre Street, World's End Estate, London SW10 0DS, email the Association at wera@worlds-end.org.uk or leave a message on the Association's answer machine on 020 7795 3095.

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