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Following a meeting of the TMO's Property Management Committee held on the 18th of December, the TMO has decided to review the proposed security scheme for the World's End Estate.

The decision follows a WERA Open Meeting in September and the WERA AGM in November where many residents expressed concerns with the current proposals.

A significant number of residents now openly oppose some or all of the current scheme, and particularly the proposals to zone the estate, partition the estate's walkways and enclose the estate's interior gardens. Many residents also expressed serious doubts with regards to the TMO's ability to manage a security system of the size and scope proposed - it would be the largest security system deployed on a TMO managed estate - and pointed to the complete mismanagement and dereliction of the current system as evidence to the contrary.

The Residents Association's most recent correpondence with the TMO on the subject reflected the growing concern and apprehension amongst both the estate's residents and members of the Association's Committee.

A petition from concerned residents was delivered to the Leader of the Council, Cllr. Merrick Cockell, prior to the meeting of the TMO's Property Management Committee in December.

The review of the current proposals, and a number of related options, is expected to be complete by the end of March. Once the review has been completed the TMO have promised to consult with both WERA and the estate's residents on the most appropriate way forward.

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