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LVT Rejects LAPN Appeal

Borough-wide TMO

The LVT has rejected the LAPN's application to appeal the decision of the Tribunal.

The LVT had previously rejected an application by the eight constituent ALMOs of the London ALMO Procurement Network (LAPN) (now renamed to "the London Area Procurement Network") to waive the formal Section 20 consultation of Leaseholders for works covered by proposed LAPN "Framework Agreements".

The LAPN subsequently applied to the LVT for leave to appeal this decision on the 23rd of March. The request to appeal was also rejected.

A copy of the LVT's decision is available for download:

As the LAPN appears to wish to continue to proceed with the proposed "Framework Agreements" - irrespective of the LVT's decisions to date and the mounting evidence indicating that the agreements will fail to deliver the cost savings promised - it seems likely that they will now proceed to bring the matter before the Lands Tribunal.

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