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Return of the World's End Residents Garden Project


Plans to provide residents with garden plots have sprung back to life following the success of similar schemes in the north of the borough and the recently announced availability of Council funding for such schemes in the south.

Plans are being drawn up for the installation of 8-10 large planters at the originally proposed site below Blantyre Tower and Blantyre Walk on the embankment side of the estate.

The plans are being drawn up as part of a larger scheme to provide plots on five estates across the borough - Lancaster West, the Dalgarno Estate, the Swinbrook Estate, Edenham Way and World's End.

The plans will be based closely on those successfully implemented by the Council in the north of the borough, including those at St. Quintin's Avenue, Portland Road, Tavistock Crescent, Portobello Court and the Silchester Estate.

Once the plans have been finalised, residents whose flats overlook the proposed site will be consulted and residents who previously expressed an interest in the scheme will be contacted and invited to participate should the proposals go ahead as planned. It is hoped that the plots will be made available for use by residents this Summer.

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