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TV to cost you £55 a year

Borough-wide TMO

The TMO plans to install a communal TV system on World's End in early 2011. Residents will be forced to pay £55 a year for the installation and upkeep of the system whether they use it or not. Those residents who have installed their own aerials or dishes will be forced to remove them. Residents cannot opt out.

The planned communal TV system will provide access to Freeview, Freesat, Sky and a very small number of foreign language channels for £55/year. Residents will still have to purchase their own set-top boxes and subscriptions.

WERA has repeatedly asked the TMO to consult the estate's residents properly. The TMO have refused to do so. Replies to requests for consultation have resulted in boiler-plate responses dismissing all of WERA's concerns. The TMO appears to intend to proceed without the proper consent or agreement of residents.

This is happening across the whole Borough and many residents are less than impressed.

Are you happy to pay £55 a year for this system? Are you happy to remove your aerial or dish? Please tell us what you think by email (at wera@worlds-end.org.uk) or through the problem reporting page.

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