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Fire Safety - or the lack of it

Borough-wide TMO

WERA has repeatedly raised concerns about fire safety on the estate. Such concerns were heightened as a result of the fire in a tower block in Southwark in July 2009 in which 6 people died. But 18 months after this terrible fire the TMO has failed to act on WERA's concerns.

WERA is particularly concerned by the fire doors in the estate’s tower blocks. Many of these are clearly deficient – they do not close properly, they have had unsuitable repairs carried out to them (e.g. replaced glazing is not fire rated) and many are simply blown open by the wind. WERA is concerned that, as a result of these faults, the tower stairwells will not provide the secure fire exit route they are meant to in the case of a serious fire. Some residents have also raised concerns with regards to the suitability of the door entry system at ground floor level.

WERA believes that these failures may render whatever steps individual residents take to ensure their safety within their homes meaningless – a smoke or fire alarm may not save you if you cannot then leave the building safely through the designated fire exit route.

WERA continues to liaise with the TMO to try and have these concerns addressed as a matter of urgency.

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