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Outstanding Issues Update 2

Estate Management

The WERA Committee are currently pursuing a number of long-standing issues with the TMO. For the benefit of residents all updates on these issues will be posted on this website as and when they become available.

Update from Alex Bosman to actions arising at WERA Committee Meeting held on 12th May 2015 received on 23rd June 2015

Action: Alex Bosman to keep the Committee informed as to the progress of the proposed remedial works to the estate's lifts and on whether any of the planned works were to be brought forward.

Response: The planned works are currently progressing with all cleaning down of lift shafts now completed. All necessary indicator panels across the estate have now been ordered and are programmed for installation within the next two weeks. A formal program update will be available within two weeks.

Action: Alex Bosman to advise the Committee of when the TMO expected to switch off the estate's communal heating.

Response: The heating has now been switched off.

Action: Alex Bosman to advise the Committee when the "sample" repair to a section of Triflex in one of the estate's communal walkways had been completed.

Response: Inspection now completed with licensed Triflex installer and queries raised with Triflex to identify the exact system used and colour code to enable successful sample repair to be completed.

Action: Alex Bosman to check on the status of the repair to the WERA Clubroom floor.

Response: Clubroom floor inspected with contractor and agreed the current finish is not acceptable. These works are currently being re-programmed. In addition it has been agreed to install a motion detector on the urinal flush. This will mean the urinals only flush when the clubroom is in use and prevent possible future flooding when the clubroom is not in use and the urinal is blocked.

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