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Estate Management

The WERA Committee are currently pursuing a number of long-standing issues with the TMO. For the benefit of residents all updates on these issues will be posted on this website as and when they become available.

Alex Bosman's (AB) Report to the WERA Committee Meeting held on 28th of October 2014


The results of the lift survey carried out by Anthony Cheney were currently being collated into an easily digestible form and would be sent through to WERA by the end of the week. AB stated that the TMO had serious concerns with regards to the contractor's performance, which they were trying to address. It was noted that the lift maintenance contract had only recently being issued to PDERS. NP reported that he did not believe the TMO's customer service centre logged all reports of broken down lifts properly; he had regularly had to report lift issues more than once. NP also noted that some repairs/issues had been outstanding for many months, with one repair/issue in Blantyre Tower having originally been reported in July.


AB would feed back on the results of a borough-wide CCTV review before the next WERA meeting. This would include a list of outstanding repairs, which are to be dealt with, and a list of proposed improvements.

Ventilation and soil stacks

AB noted that there had been a significant delay in appointing a consultant to manage the survey of the estate's ventilation and soil stacks. AB expected an appointment by mid-November and the survey to get underway immediate afterwards.

Walkway repairs

AB reported that the TMO were currently waiting for their repair contractor to report back on the best means of repairing damage to the estate's walkway's Triflex surface. AB stated that he would then arrange for a sample repair that WERA could inspect and agree to before proceeding to deal with all other outstanding repairs.

Communal Lighting

AB reported that a review was currently ongoing. The TMO planned to address issues with all forms of communal lighting - wall lighting, stairwell lighting, lamp posts etc. AB noted that the existing controls were ineffective and that the TMO were looking at the possibility of installing new controls - light sensors, motion sensors, etc. - as appropriate to the location. Several Committee members noted issues with the maintenance contract, going back all the way to 2009, which often resulted in large swathes of lighting on the estate being out of action for extended periods of time. AB noted that the existing contract (with RMA Stewart) was a temporary contract pending the tendering of a new contract. The Committee asked that maintenance requirements be thoroughly and comprehensively specified in any new contract to avoid a repeat of the current situation, which had now persisted for over five years. It was noted that the previous contractor, EDF, had been much more proactive in maintaining the estate's communal lighting.

Block Entrances

AB reported that a review was currently underway to identify any outstanding repairs and that these would all be dealt with. AB would forward the results of the review for WERA.

Cyclo-controlled heating

AB noted that the service was being ceased by the electricity supplier. Works would have to be carried out to remove the controls and meters from all flats. AB stated that the TMO intended to have the immersion heaters wired into the flat's domestic supply but had not yet decided as to how to proceed in leasehold properties (issues around compliance with current wiring regulations). The Committee would be kept informed of how the TMO intended to proceed. The Committee described the behaviour of the existing cyclo-controlled heating system in detail and noted that the system was already partially wired in to each flat's domestic supply. It was also noted that larger households may rely on the cyclo-controlled heating system to provide them with sufficient hot water.

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