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Outstanding Issues Update 3

Estate Management

The WERA Committee are currently pursuing a number of long-standing issues with the TMO. For the benefit of residents all updates on these issues will be posted on this website as and when they become available.

Update from Alex Bosman received on 13th October 2015

Stack survey and de-scaling:

The main survey to identify the locations of the stacks and ventilation ducts serving homes has now been completed. Further to this we have completed a trial CCTV survey and de-scale to one of the stacks at Blantyre Tower around six weeks ago; during the CCTV survey our contractor found that a there was a large build up of scale and fat to the stack to around half way up the tower which had reduced the capacity of the stack by up to 50% in the worst affected areas. This was successfully de-scaled from the external areas (this may not be possible for all stacks) and confirmed by a follow up CCTV survey which showed the stack running clear and in good condition.

As a result of this trial we are working to program the survey and any necessary de-scale to the remaining stacks in Blantyre Tower and a further two towers (this will be based on the repair history and reports of foul smells) once these have been completed we will be able to monitor resident feedback to confirm the issue has been resolved.

Walkway repairs:

Having reviewed the required repairs to the walkways we have arranged for Triflex the original material manufacturer to attend and carry out a survey of the areas to identify the cause of the failure and best method of repair. This survey was completed on the 29th September and included carrying out core samples to identify any contributing issues below the finish. A number of initial causes were identified depending on location however one of the contributing factors once initial failure occurs may be the cleaning method which I will be addressing with the team on site.

Further to the survey we are awaiting recommendations and costs to carry out patch repairs; once these have been received we will review options taking into consideration value for money and the potential need to renew large areas of the finish to achieve a long lasting solution.


I can confirm that the scheduled improvement works to the lifts across the estate have now been completed and we have seen a improvement in reduced call-outs and shut-downs across the estate. In a broader sense we are continuing to work with the contractor to further improve performance across the Kensington and Chelsea stock and have seen consistent performance improvements in the past two months.

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