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Outstanding Issues Update 4

Estate Management

The WERA Committee pursue all on-going as well as a number of long-standing issues with the TMO. For the benefit of residents all updates on these issues will be posted on this website as and when they become available.

Update from Alex Bosman received on 13th April 2016

Stack de-scaling:

I understand these works to Blantyre tower caused residents distress and inconvenience at the time due to the lack of notice and information of steps to take to prevent this however works did remove a large build of scale of scale (up to an inch in places) which should resolve the historic issues of smells coming from drains in addition this will also reduce the number of blockages experienced by residents. As I commited to at the time draft information letters will be forwarded to WERA prior to any further works taking place.

Walkway finishes:

As previously advised we have been working with a registered Triflex applier; following the initial survey two areas have been identified for trial patch repairs these are close to the Blantyre Tower lift lobby I have requested timeframes for these works to be completed and will be able to supply these shortly. In addition a full detailed survey of the estate to identify all areas which may require repair or patching has been instructed. I apologise for the delay in this issue being progressed; we have had a change of personal in the surveying team and the new senior surveyor for the south of the Borough Nick Collins will be progressing this as a priority. Further to these proposed repairs works the recommended changes to the cleaning schedule were passed to the cleaning team however I have asked Nick to confirm this has been adopted on site with the local team and the Estate services team.


Our contractor has maintained the improved level of performance. We are continuing to monitor this closely to prevent any slippage in the current standards and also achieve further improvement. In addition I am looking at the best way to present this performance information for circulation to residents to highlight the improvement. If WERA are happy to review the presentation once available I would appreciate your feedback to ensure it is clear and understandable.

National Grid works:

Anthony met with National Grid yesterday to discuss the concerns raised by residents in relation to the reinstatement works and the upcoming works. National Grid have committed to letter dropping all residents with the following information: what they are doing, duration of works, why these works are necessary and direct contact information for National grid.

Water loss to Dartrey and Blantyre Tower:

Further to my email earlier today to the WERA committee there was a loss of water supply to Dartrey and Blantyre tower this morning due to a electrical connection fault to the water booster pumps. Which was resolved around mid day. We are currently reviewing this with Engie (formally Cofely) to identify if this is the same fault which occurred in March.

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