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TMO re-issues questionnaire; no significant changes

Borough-wide TMO

The TMO has re-issued its resident's questionnaire. Despite the many concerns voiced by Resident Associations the new version is virtually unchanged from the original.

WERA remains very concerned by the questionnaire. The TMO has completely failed to make the case for the mass collection of so much personal data from Council tenants and WERA has been advised that there is no legal requirement for Council tenants to provide the TMO with much of that personal information.

If you receive a questionnaire from the TMO asking you to provide large amounts of personal data, for example in relation to your religion, sexual orientation or income, it is entirely up to you whether to respond to it or not. In case of doubt WERA recommends that tenants seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, World's End Neighbourhood Advice Centre, or other advice agencies before responding.

Finally, if you have received a questionnaire from the TMO asking you for this kind of personal information please let WERA know.

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