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Outstanding Issues Update 5

Estate Management

The WERA Committee pursue all on-going as well as a number of long-standing issues with the TMO. For the benefit of residents all updates on these issues will be posted on this website as and when they become available.

Update from Alex Bosman received on 18th October 2016


With regard to the lifts we continue to monitor performance of PDERS with particular focus on the number of call outs and the number and duration of any shutdowns which occur across the borough. I have met with the Managing Director of PDERS to highlight the importance of these priorities; as part of the performance monitoring we continue to apply a financial reduction to the monthly servicing bill in line with the contract.

In addition I have appointed a new dedicated lift contract manager (Patrick) within my team to focus on improving performance of this contract to meet all contract key performance indicators. Through the escalation within PDERS and Patrick’s focus we have seen an improvement in performance across the borough in the past two months.

With reference to the Worlds End Estate I have attached a chart showing the duration of shutdowns in the past calendar year (this does not show breakdowns which are resolved within 24hrs); this shows that a number of lifts have been in service throughout the year.

It is also evident that there are some lifts which require particular focus and monitoring; in particular (H014) Berenger Tower had a long period of shutdown from May; however following works to realign the guide rails this lift has remained in service since completion. In addition lifts (H001) Greaves Tower and (H008) Dartrey Tower are highlighted as having lower performance then expected; as a result I have asked Patrick to carry out a review of the cause of these shutdowns and any breakdowns prior to visiting site and carrying out a joint site review with our contractors to agree any required works to improve performance.

Soil stacks:

There have recently been some changes in the management of the Surveying Team within the TMO who are now managed within Repairs Direct; I have carried out an initial handover of the works required to descale the soil stacks to the Worlds End Estate with Samuel Hart (Commercial Manager) within Repairs Direct who will now oversee these works and will be meeting with him next week to review and handover the detail of works completed so far and all survey results (including necessary resident communication).

Communal Heating:

The heating has now been switched on and any individual issues are being resolved as they are reported. In relation to the issues experienced today at Berenger Tower for loss of heating and hot water this was as a result of the temperature control system blowing a fuse. This has now been resolved with hot water restored and heating should be restored within the next hour.

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