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The plight of the World's End Management Organisation (WEMO) in its ongoing struggle to establish a local estate-based TMO on the World's End Estate is featured in the latest newsletter of the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO).

An electronic version of the newsletter is available for download from the NFTMO's website.

The NFTMO is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to represent the interests of Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) in England. Tenant Management Organisations are tenant management co-ops, estate management boards or other tenant and resident-led organisations that take formal responsibility for managing their housing.

WEMO is a Tenant Management Organisation currently being developed under the auspices of the Housing (Right-to-Manage) Regulations 1994. It hopes to take over the day-to-day management of most blue-collar services (caretaking, repairs, cleaning, security and grounds maintenance) on the World's End Estate from the Council's borough-wide TMO.

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