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Door Replacement for Leasehold Properties

Leasehold Issues

The Council is in the process of replacing the front doors and doorframes of Council-owned tenanted properties on the estate. Leaseholders wishing to take the opportunity to do the same should proceed as follows...

Works to replace the front doors and doorframes of all Council-owned flats on the estate are due to begin on the 14th of March.

Imperial, a building and decorating contractor, are carrying out the work on behalf of the Council/TMO. Imperial have a site office located at the end of Blantyre Street near the Concierge.

The works planned DO NOT currently include the replacement of the front doors and doorframes of leasehold flats on the estate. However a number of leaseholders have expressed an interest in having the front doors and doorframes of their flats replaced and Imperial have started collecting the details of those interested.

If you are a leaseholder and are interested in having a new front door and doorframe supplied and fitted to your flat please contact the Resident Liaison Officer for Imperial, Geoff Preece, on 07734 139042 (mobile) or 020 7349 8103 (site office).

Once the total number of interested leaseholders is known Imperial will be able to provide an estimate of the cost of the works. If there is sufficient interest Imperial should be able to supply and fit new front doors and doorframes to the properties of interested leaseholders.

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