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WEMO Ballot to be Postal Ballot


The Council has opted to use an exclusively postal ballot for the WEMO final feasibility ballot. The ballot will commence on the 29th of March and conclude on the 14th of April.

The Council has chosen to hold an exclusively postal ballot to determine whether or not the WEMO right-to-manage bid has the support of the residents of the World's End Estate.

The board of the World's End Management Organisation had previously formally requested that a door-to-door ballot take place. The board believes that a door-to-door ballot would provide all residents of the estate with an equal opportunity to participate, maximise voter turnout and minimise the likelihood of voting irregularities. The Council refused the request and has instead opted for an exclusively postal ballot.

The form of ballot chosen will involve sending out ballot papers to all residents eligible to vote once and once only. There will be no reminders or call-backs of any kind. In addition, the Council has failed to notify residents in advance of the ballot so there will be no notice period either. Finally, the Council has chosen to run the ballot over the Easter holiday period.

The board believes that an exclusively postal ballot will not provide all residents with an equal opportunity to participate. In particular, the board is concerned that those residents whose first language is not English will be unable to participate fully or at all. The board has highlighted these concerns to the Council. The Council has dismissed them.

The board also believes the ballot is unlike that held in any the neighbouring boroughs of Westminster, Wandsworth, Hackney or Islington and that the Council is therefore deviating from established good practice for no good reason.

The board has formally requested that the Council reconsider its choice. The Council has insisted.

The Council has appointed ERS to manage the ballot. The ballot will commence on the 29th of March, when the ballot notices and voting forms are expected to be dispatched to all residents by post. The ballot will close on the 14th of April by which time residents must have returned their completed voting forms. The result will be announced on the 15th of April.

The board urges all residents to take this opportunity to have their voice heard and vote.

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