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Section 20 Notice: Cleaning & Gardening

Leasehold Issues

The TMO has begun the process of renewing the contracts for cleaning and gardening and the TMO's Leaseholder Services department has now sent all leaseholders a Section 20 Notice on the proposed renewal of both contracts to which all leaseholders are encouraged to respond.

In line with its current strategy, the TMO intends that a single contractor provide both services, across the whole borough, for the next five years and it intends to tender the contract on this basis.

It is of vital importance that all leaseholders take this opportunity to bring to the TMO's attention whatever issues they may have with the proposed tendering of the new contracts as well as with the existing cleaning and gardening contracts and contractors. Issues raised by leaseholders (or the residents association) during Section 20 consultation are not easily dismissed and must be addressed before the proposals can proceed. A response to a Section 20 Notice is therefore the perfect opportunity for leaseholders to bring ongoing issues or concerns with the services being provided to the attention of the landlord (or in this case, the landlord's agent, the borough-wide TMO).

All leaseholders are strongly encouraged to respond to the Section 20 Notice, if at all possible.

If you are unable to respond to the Section 20 Notice yourself for whatever reason please feel free to contact the World's End Residents Association (WERA) at wera@worlds-end.org.uk who will include any concerns brought to its attention by residents, both leaseholders and tenants, in its own formal written response to the Section 20 Notice.

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